Aviation Research
Vickers Wellingtons
17 OTU Silverstone 1944
Aviation Research - Documenting the roles and losses of Bomber during WWII in
South Northamptonshire, North East Oxfordshire and North West Buckinghamshire.

Bicester Cemetery

PO Raymond Kenneth Van Cleaf RCAF  J/17409  21
PO Harold Geoffrey Allen Thompson  138393  32
Sgt Sydney Roy Barnes  1317678  21
Sgt Robert Allan  555479  22
Date:  Wednesday 19th May 1943
Unit:  310 FTU
Type:  Wellington
Serial No.:  HZ437
Sgt Ronald Adey Jackson RCAF  R/101378  21
Sgt Frederick Henry Dowland RCAF  R/106416  19
Date:  Monday 7th September 1942
Unit:  22 OTU
Type:  Wellington
Serial No.:  HF865
Operation:  Training
Rank/Name/Number/Age:  Sgt Archibald Watt Anderson  1344036  21
Date:  Monday 28th September 1942
Unit:  13 OTU
Type:  Wellington
Serial No.:  R3761
Rank/Name/Number/Age:  Sgt Alfred Stephen Edgar Blackshire  1386598  21
Date:  Friday 6th November 1942
Unit:  13 OTU
Type:  Blenheim
Serial No.:  R3874