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17 OTU  RAF Turweston 1944

HE982  7 Sept 1944

OS:SP 4673 24072
Date:  7 Sept 1944
Unit:  17 OTU
Type:  Wellington
Serial No.:  HE982
Operation:  Training
Take Off:  RAF Silverstone (Originally/incorrectly listed as RAF Turweston)     
F/S Alexander Arthur South  1613111  Pilot  Broxbourne (St Augustine) Churchyard
Sgt Peter Alexander Anderson 1566518  Banchor Burial Ground
Sgt Dennis Stanley Norman  Air Bomber  1614469  Hornchurch (St. Andrews) Churchyard
Sgt Douglas Sheen 1812007  WO/Air Gunner  Towcester Cemetery
Sgt Robert Roderick Hesketh 1897455  Air Gunner  Towcester Cemetery
Sgt Daniel Joseph Fortune 1898863   Air Gunner  Towcester Cemetery

Description:  HE982 took off at 23:07 from RAF Silverstone to practice night circuits and landings. At 23:53 HE982 overshot, climbed steeply and then dived to earth, bursting into flames.  Three members of the crew were buried at Towcester Cemetery, while the others were claimed by their next of kin, including Sgt Anderson who succumbed to his injuries 48 hours after the crash.

Meteorological: Weather deteriorating with occasional drizzle, but flying was not seriously curtailed and visability remained moderately good and cloud base 2000/3000ft.  Strong SSW'ly winds.
F/S Alexander Arthur South
Sgt Peter Alexander Anderson
Picture courtesy of Ghostwhisperer​
Sgt Dennis Stanley Norman
Sgt Douglas Sheen
Sgt Robert 'Joe' Roderick Hesketh
Sgt Daniel Joseph Fortune
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