Aviation Research
Vickers Wellingtons
17 OTU Silverstone 1944
Aviation Research - Documenting the roles and losses of Bomber during WWII in
South Northamptonshire, North East Oxfordshire and North West Buckinghamshire.

RAF Bicester

Location:  SP598245
Pundit Code:  BC
Open:  1917
Close:  Still open
SE - NW:  1200yds
NE - SW:  1100yds
Type A:  2
Type T2:  Nil
Type B:  2
Type J:  Nil
Blister:  Nil
41 x Tarmac
RAF Complement
Officers:  -
SNCO:  -
OR:  -
WAAF Complement
Officers:  -
SNCO:  -
OR:  -
12 Sqn, 142 Sqn, 108 Sqn, 104 Sqn, 13 OTU, 7Gp Flt
92Gp Flt, BAC Flt, 1442 FT, 1551 BA, 307 FTU, Sig Dev
Defiant, Master, Blenheim, Anson, Battle, Martinet
Havoc, Lysander, Spitfire, Beaufighter, Defiant, Oxford